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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect from a PRP Facial?

A topical anesthetic is applied prior to your PRP microneedling procedure to make the treatment more comfortable. PRP with microneedling requires about one hour to complete and is not typically painful or difficult to experience.

The results of your PRP facial take some patience, with improvements becoming visible over the course of the next three to four weeks. As your body increases the amount of collagen and elastin, you will notice increased skin firmness, improved texture, and a healthier glow. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will diminish as the increase in collagen works to smooth and firm, with improved tightness and a more even, fresh skin tone.


What is the Recovery from a PRP Facial?

You may experience mild soreness, redness, or minor spots of bleeding and may wish to take a day or two away from work to allow your face to heal. Your skin will react similar to having a sunburn. It is imperative that you protect your delicate skin with sunscreen during this time. You should avoid application of makeup or harsh skin acids during this time.

After a few days, what you will be left with is glowing, rejuvenated skin that has a firmer, more youthful texture and resiliency. Fine lines and wrinkles will slowly smooth in the weeks ahead and your complexion will become more radiant, looking and feeling healthy and firm. To achieve optimal results requires several treatments, typically between three and six, based upon your individual skin condition.

How long does the vampire facelift last? 

Similar to the vampire facial, these plasma injections for face rejuvenation begin showing results after about a week. The effects continue improving over the course of 2-3 months as your skin renews itself, with benefits lasting up to 2 years. . 

What to expect from your PRP facial treatment 

Every  service begins with a personal consultation with our provider. She’ll go over each step of your your personalised treatment plan with you and answer any questions before the procedure.
To make sure you’re completely comfortable, we'll put a topical numbing cream on your skin before the vampire facial or vampire facelift. While waiting for the cream to take effect, our provider will draw a small amount of blood from your arm. (This part is quick and easy — it’s like donating blood, but faster.) Next, our provider will put your blood sample in a centrifuge to extract platelet rich plasma for face treatments. As the centrifuge spins, your red blood cells will separate, leaving behind only the clear PRP.  

The vampire facial procedure uses microneedling to help the PRP soak into your cells. It’s called “micro” needling for a reason; the needles are extremely thin and tiny, only lightly pricking your skin. When the PRP is spread over your face, it absorbs through the “micro channels” created by the needle, penetrating extra deep into your skin. 

Vampire facelift & vampire facial recovery time and aftercare

The vampire facial is so non-invasive that there’s virtually no recovery or aftercare needed. You should be able to walk out of our clinic and get back to your usual daily activities right away. Some clients briefly experience minor redness and peeling after the procedure. To be safe, we recommend that you avoid sunlight and make sure you’re using a high SPF sunscreen after your plasma facial. 

The vampire facelift is also minimally invasive with no downtime. However, since the procedure includes dermal fillers, there might be some minor bruising or swelling at the injection site for a few days. For best results, we recommend the following post-procedure guidelines:

  • Don’t wear makeup or wash your face for 12 hours 

  • Skip high-impact exercise or strenuous activity for 1-2 days

  • Avoid sunlight and use a high SPF sunscreen while healing

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